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Keep Your Trees Strong And Healthy in Boston

It’s easy for some people to forget that trees need taking care of sometimes, but at Horticare Tree Preservation, it’s our passion. We offer a number of services that take care of your tree’s health, make it look better, and protect your home or property. If you need trimming or thinning, bracing, root zone remediation, or even planting and removal, then we’re the choice for you.





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How Horticare Came to Be

David started studying arboriculture his freshman year in high school at Norfolk Aggie in Walpole, MA. That was where he found his passion. At that point, he knew this was the career he was destined to pursue. While in high school, he worked for the county at the end of every day doing grounds maintenance. Outside of that, he began taking odd horticultural jobs for people he knew, whether it be mulching landscape beds, mowing lawns, or cleaning up brush. He continued this until graduation when he went on to work for the F.A Bartlett Tree Expert Company as a climber and Plant Health Care Technician. Over that time he used the resources he had to master his craft and become the best arborist he could. Fine-tuning and building on the base he developed in high school, David learned the proper techniques involved in pruning, integrated pest management, and how to most efficiently remove damaged trees when required. It was also at this time that he studied and acquired his Massachusetts Arborist Certification. While there, he saw a need. The need for a company whose goal was to preserve as many trees as possible and one that made proper tree care available to the masses. This was where the idea for Horticare was created.

David knew that to continue with this idea he would need a dedicated crew of horticultural professionals who had the same vision. With that in mind, he knew who would be best: his younger brother Zachary who was pursuing his degree in Arboriculture at Norfolk Aggie. Zachary would go on to become an integral part of the company as Head of Ground Operations. He has helped shape the company into what it has become today. With an ever-increasing client list and growing crew, we strive for excellence in arboriculture without ever taking a shortcut.

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Our Tree Care Services

At Horticare, we care about trees almost as much as we care about our customers. With a passion for arbory, we know how to keep your trees healthy no matter how old or young they might be. If you need to protect your home, trim a tree for its own good, or just want to add some foliage to your home, then reach out to us today for these services.

Tree Pruning

Everyone knows that they need to trim their trees occasionally, but did you know there’s lots more you could be doing to keep your tree in check and growing its best? Trust Horticare for crown reduction, cleaning, and thinning, as well as limb raising. This helps keep you compliant with neighborhood codes, eliminate risky overhanging branches, and allows better interior foliage growth, meaning a fuller, less lanky tree.

Root Zone Remediation

Sometimes roots can become exposed or twisted up in themselves. Either can be a problem for the health of your tree and its ability to get nutrients. Root remediation removes roots that may be strangling the tree and buries exposed roots with fresh top soil.

Structural Bracing

Some of the oldest and most beautiful trees can continue living in all their glory with just a little help. If you have a tree that’s tipping or limbs on the edge of snapping, let us take care of it to save the tree and any property around it.

Planting and Removal

If you have an older tree that is a threat to your home and property or perhaps a tree that you planted that never took and it needs to be removed, then we can take care of it. We can also plant you a new tree, guaranteed to set in and become a loved part of your landscape.